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The Cunning Grove

Nordic Witchcraft 

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Welcome to The Cunning Grove

I founded The Cunning Grove in 2020, under the original name "Sacred Earth Healing and Teaching". Since that time we have gone through many rebirths, changes and rebrands to create the vision that I have held for my business for many years.

The Cunning Grove sits at the centre of the Forest, where the Mystical Energies converge, and the veil between this World and the Other World is at its thinnest. For generations the Witches, Druids, Wisdom Keepers, Cunning Folk and Magicians have come in reverence for Nature, to weave Magick and to forge bonds with Allies from the Spiritual Realms.

Here at the centre of the Grove sits the Grand Oak, the wisest of the Sacred Trees, whose Ogham "Duir", meaning "Mightiest of Trees", is the origin of the term "Druid".

The Cunning Grove is a Traditional Witchcraft shop with an Anglo-Celtic and Nordic leaning, focusing on a strong Folk Magick emphasis. We supply a large range of Herbs, Altar Tools, Books, Tarot, Celtic and Nordic Deity Statues.

We have an extensive range of in house made products from hand rolled Bees Wax candles, Spell Candles, Spell Blends, loose Incense Brews, Sprays, Oils, Spell Kits and more.

The Cunning Grove not only sells high quality Witchcraft products, we also provide Healing, Tarot/Rune readings, Witchcraft and Healing Teaching and Spell Working Services. Energy Clearings to Curse Removals, Love to Prosperity we have a service to meet your needs.

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