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Forest Trees



The Stag has long bee asociated with the Hiorned God, Cernunnos, Lord of the Wild Hunt, Wild Things, Freedom, Sexuality and Abundance.


Product description


  • Made of Beeswax, natural, non toxic dye and 100 drops of Essential Oil.


  • Use to connect to the Horned God, honoring his presence in your life.


  • Light to access the Wild Hunt, ride through the night with Cernunnos and his Wild men .


  • Connect with the Stag, king of the Forest, draw the healing energies of the Nature Spirits into your life.


  • Use to access the Wildwood, the season of Growth, walk as one with natuire and the Oak King.




Please ensure that you do not leave burning materials unattended.


Please inform us of any known allergies.

Horned God Candle

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