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The Money Bowl or Jar has become a mainstay of modern Withccraft practice, there are so many options available where does a Witch begin?


Based on a TikTok video that we recently posted that recieved overwelaming repsonses, with many people asking how much the kit was- we weren't even making the kit at the time, so we decided to put one together!


Contained inside this kit you will find Spell pages detialing how to make a Dressed Candle and a Money Bowl/Jar including all the items required!


Product Detials


  • Contains Beeswax Candles


  • Dressed Candle blend


  • Money Rice


  • Money Bowl Blend made from Organic Herbs


  • Charcoal Disc


  • Benzoin Resin- nperfect for attracting Money and Wealth


  • Fast Money Oil


  • Cinnamon smudge stick




Do not leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety

Money Bowl Kit

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