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  • What type of materials are used in your products?
    All of our products are sourced from within the UK. We work with natural and organic companies. Our Candles are made from 100% organic Beeswax and are purchased from a Bee Farm in Scunthorpe, no paraffin or soy is used in our candles, and the dye used is mica powder, a naturally occurring substance. All of our Herbs, Resins, Flowers, Roots and barks are 100% Organic, where they are edible they are food grade. We purchase or Botanicals from a food wholesaler. They are then stored in airtight mason jars, out of direct sunlight ensuring they remain in the best quality. Our oils are 100% essential oils, and organic, our carrier oil is Grapeseed, and have a drop of Vitamin E oil to Ensure they preserve well.
  • Are you products environmentally conscious?
    We are an environmentally conscious business, we only use recycled packaging and work with ethical based businesses.
  • How safe are your products?
    Our Candles are from natural Beeswax, our hand rolled candles are non toxic to children and pets. We use Grapeseed oil as an Oil base and make every effort to ensure that nut traces and other allergens do not contaminate our products, especially when it comes to our Teas, Oils and Herbs. Please ensure you practice fire safety when using our candles, do not leave them unattended and place them in suitable candle holders. With regard to some of our oils and incense they can cause altered states and can be deeply relaxing, please ensure that you you do not drive or use heavy machinery when using them.
  • What if my product arrives damaged?
    If your product arrives and is damaged, please contact us and we will arrange for either a refund or exchange.
  • How are your sessions facilitated?
    All of my healing sessions can be performed either in person at my home in my beautiful healing room or via Zoom.
  • How do you engage with your clients?
    I ensure that all my clients feel comfortable when working with me. All sessions start with a brief consultation to find out how I can help you. I will often share intuitive information with people about what's going on for them. I then tell them what's going to happen.
  • What happens post session?
    After a session it's best to take it easy, and rest. Try to avoid alcohol or weed, allowing the energy to settle in. At the end of a session I will usually suggest tools or provide meditations so that clients can continue on their healing journey.
  • Do you provide any after session care?
    Everyone receives after care and are welcome to message me with any questions they may have.
  • What can I expect from my training?
    My Shamanic training has been designed and created by myself and contains additional information in the format of slides and meditation videos to help deepen their studies.
  • Do I get any additional resources?
    All my clients are provided with meditation videos, work books and various additional pieces of information to help deepen their understanding and practice.
  • What value can training in Shamanism give me?
    Shamanism is an ancient practice, it still has relevance for us today and can impact us in many positive ways. Deepen your connection to the world around you, helping to develop deeper levels of compassion and empathy Get you into the natural flow of the planet, by doing so you stop working against the energies of the world, creating more profound states of peace. Learn healing techniques to heal yourself and others. Whilst this is a practitioners course what you learn will have real world affects on your spiritual life. Understand yourself in a more profound way Build a team of Spirit helpers and Allies, never feeling alone or cut off from support again.
  • What type of readings do you do?
    I have a number of different types of readings for you to choose from, from a standard reading to to 3 very special ones that combine a reading, guided meditation and Shamanic clearing.
  • How are you readings conducted?
    All can be performed via zoom or in person.
  • Do you ensure confidentiality?
    As with all my services you confidentiality and safety is paramount, I will never share any information with regards to your readings or any service I provide
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