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How to use Herbs in Spell Work and Ritual Part 2

Photo of Herbs and herbal tools
Herbs in preparation for Spell Work

Following on from the previous post, we will look at the ways we can use Herbs, Roots, Flowers, Barks and Resins in our Spell work, Ritual and Magickal Workings.

The Magickal need

Our first step is the Magickal need. What do you desire to have in your life? Do you need to remove an unwanted influence? Or do you need protection from harm?

If you are unsure of which item to use for what, don’t worry we have you covered! We have over 50 Herbs, Roots, Flowers, Barks and Resins, you can look through the wide variety we have. Alternatively we have a range of upcoming posts on the 10 best herbs for Protection, Prosperity, love and more!

Cleansing, Blessing and Intentions

You have your desired outcome in mind, you have chosen the selection of herbs that you will be using, so what's next?

You need to prepare them, first they need to be cleansed, with the tried and true method of Smudging! Smudging is an age-old practice of removing anything unwanted from our mixtures, Crystals, places or Magickal tools. You can read the method that I use for smudging here.

Next we need to Bless the mixture, you can call on any Deities, Spirits, or Guides to Bless and Magickally infuse the Herbs with the Intention that you are using them for. And you can make this as simple or as complex as you like. I encourage you to write your own words for this, as it comes from your Heart and Core.

Don't forget to also thank the Spirit of the Plant for its Sacrifice (Sacred Offering), honor your plants, herbs etc as a living Spirit that gave itself so that you may use its Magick.

Next we need to infuse the mixture with the Magickal Intentions, what are you using it for? Are you doing a Spell for Prosperity? Whatever it may be, you can simply rub your hands together, to activate the energy in your hands, hold them over the mixture.

You can then draw energy up from Mother Earth/Lower/Underworld, up into your heart and then down your arms and out of your hands, along with the intention of your desire. For example, to increase the flow of prosperity in your life, each and every day.

You can further this by Drawing down Energy from the Moon, Sun or Sky/Upper World.

What’s next when using Herbs in Spell Work and Ritual?

So you have your desired goal, you have your herbs, you have cleansed, blessed and infused them with Magickal intentions, what’s next?

Well depending on the Magickal goal we have the following options.


Powders are great for Magaick in a pinch, often quite literally! You can grind your herbs down into powder, place them in a charm bag, sprinkle at the front and back door of your property, great for welcoming in prosperity or protection.

Some powders can be used in Magickal defence and offense, such as sprinkling around the property of someone who is wilfully causing you harm.

You can rub oil on a candle and then roll in your powdered mixture and then burn it, I use this method often.

You can create empowerment mixtures, such as Dragon’s Blood Resin and Frankincense to empower spell mixtures or charge objects with Magickal intent.

Spell Blends

By far one of my favourite ways to use herbs! You can roll your anointed candles in your mix, create a herbal/Herbal and crystal grid around your Candle, or other other Magickal objects.

You can burn your Spell mixes, to release the intended Magickal desire, this is different from an incense, and is designed to carry your Intentions on the Wind, or up to the Spiritual, unmanifested realms.

We are less likely to use Resins in our spell mixtures, and more likely to focus on the Herbs, Roots, Flowers and Barks.


Burning Incense is different from burning a spell mixture, Incense is used to create the change in ourselves on a Spiritual, Physical or Emotional level. Incense can change our level of consciousness, opening us up to the Spiritual Realms, for example in Otherworldly travel or to open up our intuitive/Psychic abilities.

Using the Incense method is a great way to use our mixtures during Healing Ceremonies and rituals, either on ourselves or others. However take great care as some Herbs can be dangerous for expectant Mothers, and of course those with allergies, please check before use.

Incense can also be burned to change the energy of a Space, to clear away old energies, or welcome in positive, Spiritual energies, Guides or Spirits

When creating Incense it's important to have a good mix, you want to have a Resin as your base, next you want Roots for a deep earthy scent, Herbs provide a lighter earthy scent, and follow up with Flowers, Berries, or dried fruit for a sweeter, floral, pleasing smell.

Herbal Charm Bags

Herbal Charm bags are a fun way to use your mixture, creating the perfect way to carry a mixture that goes everywhere with you, whether it's attracting luck, prosperity, or for protection.

You can place additional items such as feather, stones, Crystals, Bones and a few drops of Oil if you desire to.

You can either use a coloured bag that represents your Magickal need, or a simple Hessian bag like our Charm Bags. I like to seal mine up using the 9 Knot Spell method, and then energetically drawing Sacred Symbols over the top of the bag.

Spell Jars and Bottles

A method similar to using a Charm bag, take a small glass vial (we use 10 ml glass bottles for ours), place your mixture inside, you can also add slips of paper with Intentions on it or Gemstone chips if you want to.

You then place the stopper in the top and seal with wax, before you do though, you can tie a piece of string and tie a Charm around it to add to the overall look and to add sympathetic Magickal association to it.

Spell Jars are different from bottles, as they tend to be bigger, and you can reuse your cooking sauce, pickle or jam jars for this. Place the objects that represent your Magickal need inside, this could be your mixture, plus Crystals, Bones, Feathers, Oils, slips of Paper with Intentions or Sigil on it, stones, shells and more.

The cap is then placed, Cheesecloth tied around the top, you can use cord that represents your need. You now have a couple options, you can either continue tying cord around the Jar, weaving your intentions as you go, then seal by dripping wax, or drip with wax then tie cord around it- the choice is yours.


Using Teas can be a great way to bring more Magick into your life, but caution must always be practiced as not all herbs should be ingested. You can do a few different practices with your Teas.

The obvious is to drink it, however you can use your Herbal Tea to Infuse paper with Magickal Intentions, either for writing out Intentions to burned, rolled up and used in a Witches Ladder and if you have a black cup and are using a Tea to enhance Psychic vision, you can stare into the cup and inhale the steam so that it mixes with the Air in your body opening you up to further wisdom and guidance.


You can add your mixtures to Water or Oil and allow them to steep. Whilst the Water method is quicker, especially if you use hot water, you can add a little Alcohol to keep it for a longer period of time, however please ensure you keep it in an airtight bottle. Placing them in Oil will take longer but will create a more potent oil especially if mixed with essential oils.

Both methods can be used to add to a bath or to anoint candles. You can even add cleaning products to Magickally wash your home.

When using Infusion take great care, this can create very Potent formulas that release other properties, some that can be harmful, please ensure that check before use.

Herbal Baths

This is a great method to magickal cleanse yourself prior to Rituals or Spell work, simply place your mixture into a piece of cheese cloth, tie it with cord, and either tie around your taps so that it dangles in the water or just place it in the bath.

For me this is wonderful to get me in the right Magickal mindset for workings.

In conclusion

With so many great Herbs, Roots, Flowers, Barks or Resins, plus additional items at our disposal, there so many creative, fun and Powerful ways to use them

Always practice great care and respect when practicing Herbal Magick, some Herbs are poisonous when used in certain ways, some are harmful when handled, some can be harmful to expectant Mothers, and others shouldn’t be used whilst driving or operating machinery.

And never leave burning materials unattended!

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