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How to Smudge

Photo of a Rosemary Smudge Bundle
Rosemary Smudge Bundle

In this post I will demonstrate how to use your Smudge Bundles to cleanse objects, you and your space.

Wafting around burning herbs isn’t going to get the job done fully, there’s a whole practice to this, which I am going to go into more detail below.

Which Smudge Bundle, for which job

Now its common place for many Spiritual folk to use Californian White Sage, however due to over harvesting, this Powerful herb is an endangered specie, and to be honest, we have so many home grown plants that we can use!

Here are a few’

  • Lavender is such a beautiful smelling Flower, it's hard not to want to include it in everything! However it’s great for clearing the space of unwanted energies, especially heightened emotions. It brings peace, calm and tranquility to any space.

  • Juniper is another favorite of mine, both the plant itself and its berries. Its great at banishing unwanted energies and influences and aiding to protect the space.

  • Rosemary is beautiful when used in cooking, but also amazing at clearing away old energies, and welcoming new, more positive ones.

  • Sage, there are so many home grown Sage plants here, from Red, Black, Green and Blue, each has their own uses in Space clearing. I could honestly write a whole post just about Sage.

  • Cinnamon whilst not Native to the UK, it's great Bark for smudging nonetheless, this spicy, aromatic Bark is amazing at welcoming positive energies, abundance and wealth in a home, business or space.

The Method

Now waving your Smudge bundle about isn’t going to be the safest method of use, so placing it in a bowl or shell, will stop burning bits falling on your carpet, or setting light to your curtains.

You can use a Feather, fan, hand or Smudging Feather to move the smoke about your home.

Make sure you cover any reflective surfaces, including your TV (it's dark and can act as a scrying mirror and open any doors and windows.

To begin, take a few deep breaths into the still centre of your being, visualize enormous Tree roots, coming out of your feet, traveling deep into Mother Earth. As you breathe, breathe up Green and Gold Energy, up through the roots, up your legs, up into your Heart Centre, on the out breath, breathe the Energy out into your body. Continue doing this until your body feel energized.

Light your smudge, place it into the bowl, blow some of the Energy in your body into the smudge, with the Intention of clearing your space. As you begin to smudge, wafting the smoke around the room, project the Energy you drew up from the ground, out of your/feather/tool, so that as the smoke hits the Energy you are trying to clear, it dissipates, hitting the ground, becoming neutralized as it is grounded into the Earth.

I like to move in a Spiral motion as I do this, moving counter clockwise around the edges of the room, doing the corners, moving into the centre of the room, clearing the Energy, then moving back out clockwise in the same spiralling motion added good Energy.

From here you can use Sacred Sound, Sacred Symbols, Sacred Waters, or any other tools and techniques to create a clear, Sacred Space.

Final note, when purchasing Sage from Native import companies, please ensure its ethically sourced, that the Indigenous People are well paid for their Craft and that responsible, sustainable harvesting is used- please do not contribute to the subjugation, enslavement and miss treatment of Indigenous People.

All of our Magickal Herbalism supplies are ethically sourced from reputable companies, where organic, sustainability and fair treatment of workers is at the core of their business model. 

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