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Welcome to The Dagda's Might. Our Clearing and Protection Spell Kit.


The Dagda, the Good God comes to offer his Protection. The Dagda is the Irish Celtic God of Fertility, Magick, Strength, Wisdom and is the Father of the Tuatha De Dannan (Children/ of Danu).


Use the incense mix to clear away stagnant energies, then use Dagda's Cauldron simmer pot, to attract Protective and Cleansing Energies into your home or Work place. Leave to cool and put to one side.


Construct Arms Of Strength Charm. Use the Bats Blood Ink to draw the Ogham for Protection that's provided on the Spell pages, place on the slate piece, tie with the Black cord, sprinkle Dagda's Arm spell blend, seal with black wax.


Smudge in the incense blend, read allowed the Incantation and your Charm is complete. Place at your front door to protect from harm.


Take the cooled simmer pot water, strain, add to the bottle, pour in the oil provided and a little vodka (not provided), shake well and you have your own cleansing and protection Spray Smudge.


Product Details


  • Comes complete with Dadga's Cauldron Simmer Pot Blend, Dagda's Arm blend, Incense, Slate, Bat's Blood Ink, Black Cord, Paper, Black Candle, small vial of Oil, and Spell Pages. Comes in a Hessian bag.


  • All made from natural orgainc Herbs, Roots, Resins, Flowers and Beeswax.


  • Final product is blessed and charmed in our signature way.




DO not leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety.

The Dagda's Might

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