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Chief of the Tuatha De Danann (Children of Danu), Dagda (pronounced Dah-Dah) was the God of many talents and spheres of influence. From Life and Death to Fertility, Magick, Druidry, Strength and protection. He carried 3 Sacred objects, his Club of LIfe and Death, a Harb that could control Men and the Seasons and a refillable Cauldron (1 of the Ancient Treasures of the Celtic world.


His name “The Dagda” is less of a name, and more of a title, meaning “Great God”, he is a giant in stature, however his name is not reflection of his, but of his many talents and skills. He had many other titles as well, one of them, Eochaid Ollathair, translates to “All-Father”, making him a Father God, opposite Danu as a Mother Goddess. 


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Product descreiption 


  • Bronze Celtic Deity Figurine.


  • Cast in the finest resin.


  • Lovingly hand-painted.


  • Size 15.5*16.5*18.5cm

The Dagda

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