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Forest Trees



Welcome to our Liquid Smudge Pages. Each Smudge is made from simmered Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, Berries and Roots, with 30 drops of Essential Oil added once cooled. Each Smudge is based around Celitc Mythology.


The Druid's and their Sacred Grove have come to bless you and your kin, with this beautiful hand crafted Liquid Smudge created to bring an abundance of Protective energies into your home, and banish harmful, stagnant energies with this deligtful Woody and Earthy scent.


Product detials


  • Handcrafted from Herbs, Fruits, Berries, Roots and Flowers


  • Hand blessed and charmed


  • 30 drops of Essential Oil


  • Added alcohol to ebale the spray to stay fresh


  • 50 Ml spray Amber Glass Bottle

Sacred Grove

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