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Welcome to our Macha's Brew, our Prophecy and Vision Tea. Macha, is an aspect of the Morrighan, the Irish Celtic War and Death Goddess. Macha sphere of Influence is Prophecy, sometime known as a Sorcorer and Druidess.


Drink before practicing Prophect, Scrying or Divination, to open you up to the Otherworld, 


Product Description


  • Made in house from Organic, Food Grade Herbs and Flowers.


  • 20 gm, contained in an Amber Glass, air tight Jar.


  • Aprox 30 servings/1 months supply.


  • Blessed and charmed in our signature way.




Please let us know of any known allegies, do not use if you intend to drive or opperate heavy machinary.




Macha's Brew (Divination and Prophecy)

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