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Forest Trees



In the Celtic Creation myth it said that once, Mother Earth and Father Sky were very close, so close that the Sky nearly destroyed the Earth.


The children of Father Sky cut from him his phallus, and it landed in the ground and became the 1st tree. His blood made fertile the womb of Mother Earth, from this all life sprung forth.


Product description


  • Made from natural, organic herbs, flowers and resins, blessed and charged.


  • 50gm


  • Use as part of your daily meditation practice, connecting you to Father Sky.


  • Can be used in spiritual ceremonies to create a sacred space and purify the area. Use to help attune the sacred space to the power of Father Sky


  • Burn this incense during festivals and other celebrations to connect with Father Sky, or the Sky.




Whilst this is a natural form of incense and less toxic than manufactured incense sticks and cones, care should still be taken when inhaling, especially this with lung sensitivities like Asthma.


Use in a ventalated room, away from pets and children.


Do not leave burning materials unattended

Father Sky (Honouring the Sky/Sun God)

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