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Elen of the Ways, the Celtic Reindeer Goddess, Ancestor Goddess and a Guide to the Shaman's of Albion invites you to walk along the ancient trackways, following the Deer Trods, to walk between the Worlds.


Product description


  • Details: Made from natural, organic herbs, flowers and resins, blessed and charged.


  • 50gms


  • Meditation: Use as part of your daily meditation practice, helping you to "slide" out and travel the 3 Realms Lower World/Sea, Middle World/Earth, Upper World/Sky


  • Spiritual practices: Can be used in spiritual ceremonies to create a sacred space and purify the area. Use to help attune the sacred space to the intention of Shamanic Work.




Use in a ventalated room, away from pets and children.


Do not leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety

Elen's Path (Hedge riding/Flying)

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