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Welcome to Elen's Deer Trod, our Ancestor Blessing and Healing Spell kit.


Elen of the Ways, the Celtic Reindeer and Ancestor Goddess, was said to have travelled across Europe following the Deer Trods. Eventually she passed through Gaul and settled on the land of Albion.


Follow Elen along the Deer Trods, following the Ancestral trackways. Meet with your Ancestors, clear old wounds, receive gifts of insight, wisdom and power from your Ancestral line.


Product description


  • Included is a Deer Antler Charm, blessed and Charged to help connect with Elen and your Ancestors.


  • The Candle has been blessed and Charged, contains Oils to facilitate deeper Journeys. Together with the Antler Charm, they form an Ancestors Altar.


  • Use the Deer Trod Oil to the Bless the Antler before each use, and burn the Deer Trod blend to prepare you and the Space.


  • Spell Pages including "Ancestors Song"




Do not use whilst opperating heavy machinery.


Never leave burning material unattended

Elen's Deer Trod

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