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Welcome to our Cerimonial Magick Oils. Our Earth Oil is designed to be used in Rituals to aid you in connecting to the Elemental of Earth . Useful for Spells and rituals related to the Fertility, grounding and Money.


Product description and Uses


  • Made for 100% pure essential Oils, Herbs, Roots and Flowers connected to the Elemental Of Earth
  • Organic Grapeseed Oil Base
  • Use to anoint Candles
  • Use in an Oil Burner to Call on the Element of Earth in Ritual and Spell Work
  • Anoint Jewelllery, Tools and Ritual Items to Invoke or Consecrate with the Element of Earth




Whilst we make evey effort to ensure our Oils are Skin safe our Earth Oil has some Oils that may irritate skin, practice caution when using.


Do not injest or get near your eyes.

Earth Elemental Oil

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