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Dragon's blood ink is a popular and powerful tool in magickal practices. Our Dragon's blood ink is made inhouse, and is blessed and charged.


Production description


  • 30ml in an Amber Glass Bottle

  • Writing spells and petitions: Dragon's blood ink can be used to write spells and petitions that are intended to bring protection, power, or strength.

  • Creating sigils: Dragon's blood ink is an excellent choice for creating sigils, which are symbols used to represent a specific intention or desire.

  • Enhancing divination tools: Dragon's blood ink can be used to draw or paint symbols on tarot cards, runes, or other divination tools to enhance their magickal properties.

  • Sealing magickal workings: Dragon's blood ink can be used to seal magickal workings or rituals, adding an extra layer of protection and energy.

  • Writing in your Book of Shadows: Dragon's blood ink can be used to write important information and experiences in your Grimoire/BOS used in magickal and other pagan traditions.


Remember to always use dragon's blood ink with respect and intention, as it is a powerful tool that can amplify your magickal workings.




Please be careful when opening the lid to not spill any of the Ink

Dragons blood ink

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