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The Apple is Sacred in Celtic Mythology, from Avalon and the sotry of King Aurther, to welcoming the dead and Ancestors at Samhain it plays a prominat role. Our Apple Candle is infused with Magick and Oils connected with rites of the Dead, Death and Rebirth.


Product Description


  • Made from Beeswax, natural, non toxic dye, with 100 drops of pure essential Oil.


  • Use in rituals and rites connected to the process of death and rebirth.


  • Death is a state of transformation, healing and transmutation.


  • Light to guide your way into the Other World and interact with the Spirits of the Dead.


  • Use on mystical journeys to the Isle of Avalon, also known as the Apple Isle.




Do not leave burning materials unatteded 


Please inform us of any known allergies

Avalon's Apple

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