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The Cunning Grove News

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The Cunning Grove Updates and Events

Welcome to The Cunning Grove News Page
Want to find out more about what we are up to, where are, events, product developments and new release?
Then this page is for you!

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Technical Issues


We are currently aware that there some ongoing website issues with missing product photos, we are currently working to restore them, please be patient with us whilst we work to fix the issues.

Thank you for your patience 

Blessings of the Land, Sea and the Sky.

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Big Announcement


Much of our business has been changing over the last few weeks, but this is only the beginning!

Our name is changing, to "The Cunning Grove", the new products will remain, with further updates

Man of our services will be changing, Reiki and Shamanic Healing will no longer be offered, completely replaced by a new modality that I have been developing over the last 2 years.

The Modality is still very Shamanic in many ways, but with a greater emphasis on Cunning and British Folk Magick traditions.

We want to thank all our customers and clients who have come thus far with us, and we look forward to you joining us over the next month as we implement the new changes

Blessings of the Land, Sea and the Sky.

Photo of a Statue of the Morrighan

Shop updates!


There are many exciting changes happening behind the scenes right now, many of our products have been retired, many are being redesigned/branded, and others completely replaced!

All of our Spell Boxes are being recreated, to have a much more Celtic, Folk Magick flavour!

We have exciting new products coming too! From Athames, Bolines/Sicklies, Antler Wands and many more Altar tools!

The Old Gods are coming! The shop will soon be joined by Cernunnos, Brigid, The Morrighan, Danu, Dagda And Ceridwen, and that just the start!

Its all happening over the next few weeks as the new products are released, and there's so many more changes still to come! Including a massive revamp of our Blog, to focus much more on teaching!!!

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