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What previous clients and customers say

Paul is such a great person to talk to, and he helped me out with not only what herbs to use for what, but with personal advice and guided me with where I should perhaps go next with my own journey and such as a pagan. Such a comforting person, and his shop had such a nice energy to it! Definitely recommend visiting him or ordering from his online shop!

Kris Michaels

Honestly Paul is the most welcoming, supportive, knowledgeable and helpful person! He is always ready to help me out of my worries and anxieties. I can’t recommend enough!! The shop is beautiful and has a large range of items.

Frankie Bolder

I have purchased many different products! I absolutely love the candles, all different types, lovely herbs & fresh smells, lasted AGES! Certainly felt amazing, loved my protection & positivity ones


I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful healing session with Paul Simon Bryant. His voice is powerful, and his words are spoken with genuine intent and emotion behind them I could actually feel as he guided me through the process. I loved all the ancient rituals and elements involved. The vibration of the drum coupled with Paul's chanting was magical, and I really enjoyed the overall feeling the experience provided me with. 5 stars all the way!


"Embarking on a spiritual journey can at times seem daunting, but with Paul's guidance, I have discovered a newfound sense of peace. His expertise in Shaman and Pagan practices has allowed me to explore new forms of meditation and tarot readings, providing me with the tools to release old attachments and let go of dwelling in the past. Although it can be an emotional process, the benefits have been more than worth it. I highly recommend Paul for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and knowledge. His calming presence and vast knowledge make him an exceptional guide on your path towards healing and enlightenment."

Karen St.Pierre

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