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Prosperity and Success reading

Want to know what is blocking your success and prosperity?

  • 1 hour
  • 95 British pounds
  • Business address or online

Service Description

Unlock the Path to Prosperity and Success with the Ultimate Tarot Experience Are you tired of tirelessly pursuing success, prosperity, wealth, and happiness, only to find them constantly eluding your grasp? Have you tried countless techniques and practices, yet still feel blocked from the abundance you desire? It's time to embark on a profound journey that uncovers the origin of your story and removes all obstacles from your path. Introducing the Prosperity and Success Reading: A Transformational Experience This is more than just a reading—it's a comprehensive fusion of retrieval, clearing, and Magick that is designed to dissolve blocks and beckon in the natural wealth, prosperity, and abundance that have evaded you for far too long. Guided by Ancient Wisdom and Spirit Guardians In each session, we open with a powerful Shamanic Ceremony, calling upon benevolent Guardians and Spirits to guide our path. From there, we embark on a transformative journey that unfolds in three distinct phases: Reading: Through an illuminating reading, we uncover the guidance and insights that reveal the hidden blocks to your success and prosperity. We delve deep into the roots of your "Money Story," identifying the underlying patterns that have held you back. Soul Retrieval Meditation: In a profound meditation, you will connect with the version of yourself that holds the key to your success. This soul retrieval process allows us to reclaim the lost fragments of your being and reintegrate them, restoring your wholeness and aligning you with the energy of abundance. Energetic Clearing and Magick: Utilizing the transformative power of drumming and sound techniques, we release any final barriers that hinder your success. Then, through a potent Magickal working, we seal in the experience, creating a magnetic field that draws in fresh prosperity, luck, wealth, and success. Embrace a Future Overflowing with Wealth and Prosperity By the end of our session, you will receive not only profound guidance and clarity but also practical steps to take on your path to success. Sit back and watch as the floodgates of wealth and prosperity open, transforming your life in ways you never thought possible. The time has come to release the limitations of your past, rewrite your story, and step into a future brimming with abundance. Book your Prosperity and Success Tarot Reading today and unleash the untapped potential within you. Your journey to a life of unlimited prosperity starts now.

Contact Details


The Cunning Grove- Folk Healing, Cunning Practices and Celtic Witchcraft Shop, Devonport Rd, Plymouth, UK

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