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Guided Healing Journey's

  • 1 hour
  • 60 British pounds
  • Online or at business address

Service Description

Welcome, let me guide you through a Healing Journey that runs deep with Celtic Imagery and symbolism. Through enchanted journey's into the Celtic Otherworld, to meeting Healing Spirit's or walking Forest Paths. Each Journey will bring healing, wholeness and balance, helping to ease physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. With such issues as the following: Stress/anxiety/depression Physical Health conditions Pain Energy blocks Curses/Hex's Ancestral wounds Trauma We start each session with a short consultation to determine which Journey is appropriate for your needs. A Sacred is then opened, calling in Familiar Helping Spirits. We have the following Journey's available 3 Cauldron Journey- Travel with Ceridwen through the 3 Cauldron Journey, heal the 3 aspects of the your Spirit. the Physical, Emotional and the Spiritual. Raven Shadow Journey- Let the Raven guide you into the Shadow Wood, see into the realms of your Shadow, understand what is driving your behaviour. Sacred Healing Waters- Journey to the Underworld with the Salmon, experience the Sacred Healing Waters, feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Enchanted Grove- Step into the Wildwood and be guided by the Tree Spirits, experience a profound change as you shapeshift into a Tree and draw healing energies into from the Wildwood. Rewild yourself- Have you found that you have become to "tamed" to easy to please others? Then Join Cernunnos as he guides through the steps to "re-wilding" yourself, let go of submission to others, and experience true freedom. Elen and the Spiders- Come with Elen, the Celtic Reindeer and Ancestor Goddess as she guides you into the Shadow Wood, meet a group of extraordinary Spider Spirits that weave your Web. Gain wisdom, insight and even forgiveness during this Journey. Brigid's Sacred Flame- Experience the transformative power Brigid's Sacred Flame, as you sit in the centre of the Triskelion, and draw the Sacred Flame through the 3 Realms (Elements) of the Land, Sea and the Sky.

Contact Details


The Cunning Grove- Folk Healing, Cunning Practices and Celtic Witchcraft Shop, Devonport Rd, Plymouth, UK

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