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Cunning and Folk Healing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 60 British pounds
  • Online or at business address

Service Description

Welcome to our unique Cunning and Folk Healing services, a blend of ancient wisdom with modern day techniques, rooted in the Celtic Healing perspective. During your Healing session, allow me to guide you on a profound journey of restoration and healing. Step into my sacred healing space, a serene haven nestled within my home, where you will find solace and transformation. What I can help you with Stress/anxiety/depression Physical Health conditions Pain Energy blocks Curses/Hex's Ancestral wounds Trauma During the session you will experience some/all of the following Trance healing : With rhythmic drumming and other techniques, I enter an altered state of consciousness, connecting with Familiar Spirits and Deities who will offer their wisdom and facilitate your healing journey. Sound Healing: Experience the transformative power of sound vibrations as I incorporate the enchanting tones of the drum, singing bowl, rattle, and the ancient Celtic Tree Ogham intonations into your session. Soul Retrieval: Together, we will retrieve and reintegrate lost fragments of your soul energy that may have been scattered due to trauma or significant life events, bringing you back into wholeness. Energy Clearing: Through the burning of Sacred Herbs and other techniques, I will cleanse your energy field, purging negativity and restoring a vibrant, balanced state of being. Energy Restoration: Discover the harmonizing influence of our Healing as I work to restore equilibrium and vitality to your energy field, fostering holistic healing across the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Symbolic Healing: Drawing upon the profound symbolism of Stones, Familiar Spirits, and the ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Symbols, I will facilitate deeper healing and balance throughout your session. Charms/Blessings: Receive a Charm/Blessing of positive, fresh revitalising energy, clear away curses/hex's or bad luck. Now is the time to embark on a transformative path of healing, restoration, and self-discovery. Allow me to guide you toward profound balance, harmony, and empowerment. Book your session today and witness the remarkable potential within you come alive, experiencing freedom from what has ailed you.

Contact Details


The Cunning Grove- Folk Healing, Cunning Practices and Celtic Witchcraft Shop, Devonport Rd, Plymouth, UK

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