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The Wytches Knot was popular in the Middle Ages, scratched above a door to Protect a home. It's perfect, unending Knot is said to mean everything from the Elements, the Directions and Good Fortune; and many things in between!


Each Morning rub The Wytches Knot over you, head to toe, knowing that you are Protected from harm, and cleansed of all negative Energies.


Charge in the Noon day Sun and the Full Moon, Cleanse regularly.


Product Description


  • Made from Organic Herbs, Roots and Flowers inside a natural Hessien Bag, with  added stainless steal Withes Knot Charm.


  • Made from our own recipe, loving hand cradted


  • Hand blessed and hand charmed


  • Bag size 9cm x 7cm


  • 12g weight

Wytches Knot

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