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Forest Trees



Want to delve deeper into the concepts that made The Wildwood Tarot wildly popular? This workbook further explores those powerful ancient traditions.


Wild Magic invokes the power of the Wildwood – the Green Man and Green Woman, as well as all the living archetypes of the forest, such as Herne the Hunter and Robin-in-the-Hood. Journey across time to the pre-Celtic world where primal forces, in the guise of animal, bird, and fish, roamed free and opened doorways into the otherworld of the Ancestors.


With chapters on the Lore of the Wild, the Wheel of the Year, shamanic methods of examining the wild, and meditations designed to enable personal encounters with Wildwood archetypes, as well as newly crafted rituals enabling readers to celebrate festivals such as the Midsummer and Midwinter Solstices, the book takes a fresh and informed look at a set of ancient traditions applied to the present.


Product details


  • Written by Mark Ryan, John Mathews.


  • Ilustrated by Will Worthington.


  • 160 Pages.


  • Published by Orange Hippo!; Reissue edition (8 July 2021).


Wild Magic the Wildwood Tarot Workbook

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