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Forest Trees



Welcome to the Raven, our Prophecy, Divination and Seership Candle


Turn out the lights, light The Raven, see the flames flicker and dance across its surface, revealing the Magickal symbols.


Take a deep breath, inhale the scent, drink in the magick, let the Raven open you to Visions of the Otherworld. See into the Threads of Prophecy woven into the Great Web.


Open yourself up to the Realms of Seership, gain Wisdom, Insight and Guidance. Experience deeper levels of Intuition as the Raven guides you to new levels of Awareness.


Production description


  • Made 100% Beeswax and natural dye


  • 100 drops of Essential Oils


  • H5cm x L16cm x W5cm


  • 140gm weight




Do not use if intending to drive our use heavy machinery


Do not leave burning materials unattended, aloways praxctice fire safety

The Raven

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