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The Cunning Folk have a long tradition on the British Isle, as Healers, Wise People, Witches, and even combatting dark forces.


Our Cunning Man Healing Blend made as part of our latest Healing Spell Kit, with a special blend of herbs and flowers to ease your Spirit and heal what ails you.


Use thia in all your Spells and Rituals for Healing, place in a pot of your stove and turn into te Simmer Pot to Bless your home and life, stir in your intentions.


Create a Herbal Charm bag to invite Healing. Roll an anointed candle in the blend and light for the perfect Healing Candle Spell.


Product description


  • Made from Organic, Food Grade Herbs, Roots and Flowers..


  • 20gm weight. Amber Jar.


  • Hand made, blessed and Charmed





Never leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety.

The Cunning Man Healing Blend

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