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Turn your kitchen into a pagan power centre using herbs, crystals and spells for health, wealth, love and happiness.


Are you seeking more contentment in your daily life? Could you use more money to improve home and hearth? Are you looking for ways to spice up your love life? This gorgeously illustrated book will greatly enhance your every day with secrets, spells and witchy wisdom, passed down through many generations and collected in one place for the first time by best-selling author Cerridwen Greenleaf. Filled with recipes and rituals, The Book of Kitchen Witchery explores every aspect of ‘the good life’, from how to create an altar as your personal power centre to which herbs and plants have properties to heal and how to cook enchanting meals for all occasions, along with green Wicca ways to grow your own Garden of Eden.


The kitchen of a witch is a thing to behold – a sacred space where good health, abundance, luck and love can be conjured. Cerridwen Greenleaf has gathered her years of spellcraft in this vibrant volume containing everything you need to know to increase your bliss quotient. She includes meditations, charms, folk wisdom and incantations along with instructive lore covering astrological aspects, phases of the moon, candle colour alchemy and exactly which domestic goddesses to invoke. The inspired ideas in this practical guide will empower you to create a happy home filled with the best kind of magic


Product details


  • Written by Cerridwen Greenleaf.


  • 144 pages.


  • Published by CICO Books; Illustrated edition (6 Sept. 2016).



The book of Kitchen Witchery

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