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Witchcraft, Druidism and Paganism have long had asociations with Spirits, Ancestors and Relams of the Dead. As guides and partners in Maigck and Healing.


The Druids beleived that the Skull was the seat of the Spirit, they honoured the Spirits of the Dead both their enemies and their brethern by decorating theor Sacred spaces with Skulls.


Product description


  • 30 Ml Spirit Oil stored in a Black Glass Skull, made from Essesnital OIls connected to Spirits, Ancestors and communication with the Dead.


  • Made with a Organic Grapeseed Oil base.


  • Hand blessed, charged and empowered.


  • Place a few Drops into a bowl of hot water and inhale, allow the scent to open the doorways to communicate with the Dead.


  • Use to anoint Candles in rituals connected to the Ancestors.


  • Anoint to concecrate and empower tools used in rituals, ceremonies and other practice connected to working with Spirits.




Do not use if driving or using heavy machinery


If using to anoint candles, please ensure that you do not leave burning materials unattended


Please inform us of any known allergies

Spirit Oil (Spirits and Ancestors)

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