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Forest Trees



Welcome the many Gods from many Realms into your life through Prayer, burn to open the doorway to the Sacred and invite it into your home. Comes in a rustic Hessian Bag.


Product description


  • Details: Made from natural, organic herbs, flowers and resins, blessed and charged.


  • 50gm weight


  • Meditation: Use as part of your daily meditation practice, connecting to the realm of the Sacred, ad for sending Prayers on the winds.


  • Spiritual practices: Can be used in spiritual ceremonies to create a sacred space and purify the area. Use to help attune to the Sacred.


  • Festivals: Burn this incense during festivals and other celebrations for the that is Sacred within Nature




Do not leave burning materials unattended, always pracitce fire safety

Use in a ventalated room, away from pets and children.

Sacred Prayers

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