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Welcome beauty youthful energy, Love and sweet words into your life with Oengus Og, God of , eloquent words, youth and love.


The spell opens with an invocation to Onegus, then use the Dove's Blood Ink (contains no real Blood) and write a love poem to you furture love. Rub the Oil on the Candle, spinkle the spell mix contained in the hessian bag around the candle, light the charcoal disc and add the Copal resin, Light and read aloud you poem. 


Allow to burn for an hour a day until the candle melted away.


Use the Oil to anoint yourself prior to sex or as you feel called to do so.


Use the pefume before going on a night out, before a date or just because you feel called to do to help attract the love you desire


Product description


  • Love spell to attract the love thats missing from your life, from either yourself or others


  • Comes with Oengus Poem Oil, Doves Blood Ink, Candle  made from Beeswax fuilled with fround herbs and essential oils. (choose if you would like a Male or Female Candle depending on your sexual orientation), Copal, Charcoal Disc, Spell mix, Perfume and spell spages.


  • Hand made, Blessed and Charmed in our signature way.




Do noit leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety

Oengus's Poem (Love)

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