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This beautiful hadn carved Obsidian Crystal Raven/Crow Skull is the perfect addition to your Altar. Use to connect yourself to the Familiar Spirit of the Raven/Crow or other Bird.


Use in RItual or Spell work to call on the Goddess Morrighan or even Odin twin Raven's.


Obisidian is a powerful protective and grounding stone, used to deepen Intutition and facilitate dreamwork. Used in Meditation Obsidian helps to clear away confusion. It is the stone of truth, heping you to see the truth of a situation, making it the perfect stone for working with during scrying and divination.


Combine with or Raven Candle for a truly, deep connection into the strands of prophecy.


Product Details


  • Made from carved Obsidian
  • 60 gm
  • 3" Length, 1.3" Height

Obsidian Raven/Crow Skull

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