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Forest Trees



These wooden Runes, made in house by our own Heathen Woodsman. Hand crafted from Oak, burned and then activated in the presence of Odin.


Each set is contained in a Hessian bag, for that rustic vibe, and comes complete with a 3 page scroll with the Divination meanings lifted directly from our Cunning Man's Grimoire.


The Runes are the Language of Viking Age Scandinavian Culture. Each Rune is not only part of a system of writing and language, they are Magickal construct.


The Runes were said to of been discovered after Odin hung upside down down from Yggdrasil (Odin's horse/Odin's Gallow). With a spear pierced in his side as he sacrificed his eye for a vision. Several branches fell from the tree forming the Staves of the Runes.


The Runes can be used as a Divination Tool, with each Rune having a different meaning in relation to the question being asked. You can simply pull 1, 3 or a handful of runes depending on how complicated a reading you wish to have.


The Runes can also be used as a Tool of Transformation, used in Spell work and can be combined to create a Sigil known as a Bindrune. 


These beautiful Runes make a great accompaniment to our Odin's Wisdom Oil and our Rune Seer's Incense.

Oak Runes

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