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Do you know anything about the history of Norse religion?Are you aware that it has made a comeback in recent times?Would you like to learn more about this fascinating subject?

Norse religions emerged hundreds of years ago and gradually spread around the area of Northern Europe and beyond as Viking seafarers traded and plundered their way along the coastlines they encountered. As the Viking time came to an end, so too did their way of life, their religion and their Gods. But not all of it died out and today there has been something of a resurgence in its practices.


This book, Norse Paganism, gives you an overview of the absorbing history of Norse lore, with chapters covering:


  • Origins and history of Norse religion
  • Ceremonies and rituals
  • The importance of the moon
  • Asatru magic, herbs, potions and spirit worlds
  • Herbal healing
  • Norse paganism in the modern era
  • Joining a group of your own
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of Asatru


And more...


Norse Paganism is a modern-day religion based on the belief that the gods are still active in the world.


This book is a complete guide on what Norse Paganism is, how it works, and what benefits you can get from this practice. A very effective course that can help you achieve all that you want. It can make you a powerful magician.


This guide aims to be an introductory guide for beginners who are interested in learning this ancient practice. As Norse paganism continues to influence the lives of those it touches,it could well do the same for you.


Product details


  • Written by Hanns Niklas Hellstrom 


  • 274 pages


  • P.L.M. Publications (18 Aug. 2022)

Norse Paganism

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