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Forest Trees

Enter the Shadow Wood, learn how to explore your Shadow Self and Dreams to gain insight, wisdom, understanding. Learn how to heal using the Spirit of your Shadow, leanr how to integrate wisdom gained from Dream Journeying.


All the pages for the Spells/practices are in the bottom of the box under the packaging, including


An introduction to the Shadow Wood, what is it, whee is it, how does it work, and what can you do whilst you are there.


Shadow Sigil Ritual- create a Sigil to access the Spirit of your Shadow. This Sigil will help you to access the Shadow during deep reflection, to bring awareness to what you need to heal, release and integrate. 


An Introductory Shadow Journey- Use the Shadow Sigil to acces your your Shadow, begin understanding the unconscious process driving your behaviour, actions and choices.


Dream Sigil Ritual- create a Sigil to journey through your dreams, see the deep symbolism in your Dreams, learn what's programmed into your Subconscious.


Dream Journey Bag- Create a bag using your Dream Sigil and herbs to bring even more awareness during your Nocturnal Dream Journeys.


Dark Moon Reflection- harness the Power of the Dark Moon to access deeper states of Reflection, bringing illumination to your Shadow.


Shadow and Dream Healing Ritual- Enter the Shadow Wood, combine the Shadow and Dream Sigils, place the Shadow and Dream healing herbs around the Sigils and Candle, Draw healing Energy directly from the Shadow Wood to aid you in healing all you have learned throughout the other practices.


Also includes


A Quill and Dragons blood ink to Draw your Sigils


Dreaming and journeying tea- wash the paper that you will Draw the Sigils on to imbue them with more energy, yo open deeper doorways into your Shadows and Dreams. Drink the tea aid in Journeying.


Flying Oil and Shamanic Journeying Incense, these 2 items will help you enter into deeper states of Journeying and Inner Reflection. Helping you to "Slide out" to travel into your Shadow and Dreams.


Hessian bag and Dream herbs- Combine with your Dream Sigil and Flying Oil to aid you in Dream Journeying, either whilst asleep, enabling you to lucid dream or return to your Dreams to gain deeper insight.


Blue Candle, Candle holder and Shadow and Dream healing herbs- used in the Shadow and Dream healing Ritual.


Everything has been blessed and charged, and is ready to use straight out of the box.

Not pictured in the box, but everyone who purchases will receive a free pack of Charcoal discs.

Nocturnal- Shadow Wood

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