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Wellcome to Merlin's Well, our Power and Empowerment Spell Blend.


Merlin is said to be one of the Greatest Magician's to have ever lived, riveled prehaps only by the likes of  Gwydion.


Merlin's depth and knowledge of Magick was said to be legendary, who knew all manner of spells and charms, magickal languages and was even said to practice Dragon Magick!


Call on Merlin's Well of Knowledge and Power with this Blend, use in a variety of ways to suit you needs, use in Charm Bags, Spells, grind into a Powder, combine with Resin to make an Incense.


Inside every jar are 2 Acorns, long have they been asociated with Druidry. Acorns contain all the Power of the Oak, including its Endurance, Strength, Sovriengty and Wisdom. Peel and chop an Acorn, combine with some of the mix and use to Charge and Empower your tools.


Product description


  • Made from Organic, Food Grade Herbs, Roots and Flowers.


  • Contains 2 Acorns.


  • 25gm weight. Amber Jar.


  • Hand made, blessed and Charmed.




Never leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety.

Merlin's Well (Power and Empowerment)

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