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Welcome to Macha's Eye; our Scrying and Divination Spell Kits.


Scrying is a form of Divination, usually staring into a Mirror or Dark reflective surface. In this kit there are 2 different forms of Scrying and 3 additional forms of Divination; Wax, Smoke and Ink.


Macha is 1 aspect of the Morrighan, the Celtic War and Death Goddess. Macha was said to be a Powerful Prophetess and Druidess.


Light the charcoal disc, add the Frankincense and Orris Root Powder, add the Herb blend, inhale, and stare through the Smoke. Watch it coalesce and dance, see the images from. Record your impressions.


Alternatively inhale the blend, take the bowl, add a couple drops of Macha's Prophecy Oil, rub into the bowl so it becomes reflective. Look deep into the bowl and allow the images of Prophecy to come forward. Record your impressions.


Equally the Oil can be added to a diffuser.


You drop the Sacred Water, collected from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury, stare into the depths of the water, see the images of fate and prophecy come to the surface.


Glastonbury is the site of the Legendary Isle of Avalon tended to by Morgan Le Fay, which some say is The Morrighan.


You can also use the bowl with water and conduct with a Wax reading by dripping the Red (Blood and Fate) Candle or using Macha's Blood Ink.


Included in the kit is a small jar of our Macha's Brew, to use to help deepen your experience further.


How you use this Kit is up to you, use all and deepen your Scrying, Divination and Prophetic Skills or find one practice that you resonate most with.


Product details


  • Come complete with blaxk soapstone bowl, Macha's Blood Ink, Macha's Prophecy Oil, Herb mix, Frankincense and Orris Root mix, Macha's Brew, Sacred Water, Charcoal DIsc, Red and Purple Candle. Plus Spell Pages all contained in a Hessien Bag.


  • Made from Natural Organic Herbs, Flowers and Resins.


  • Blessed and Charmed in our Signature way.




Do no leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safty.


DO not use the Tea, Incense ofr oil whilst driving or opperate heavy machinary.



Macha's Eye

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