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Following on from The Willow Path – Witchcraft, Hermetics & The Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts We present to you here Horns of the Moon – Techniques in Traditional Magical Arts


“By hare and hound

By fish and otter,

By grain that falls for the hen to devour.

With dragons red and white,

We climb the mountain in the night!”


So begins an enchantment drawing the Witch into realms seldom experienced by most people. Horns of the Moon is the second book in The Geassa trilogy, describing techniques in Traditional magical arts.  Procedures designed to bring one in contact with other worlds not normally perceived, and with the beings who inhabit these.


Horns of the Moon, presents detailed instructions and ritual practices that continue the training of the Traditional Witch.  Beginning with the differences between the ‘natural Witch’ compared to those who need to cultivate their abilities we examine the importance of training; working solo as well as with others; to learning the art of merging and becoming.  Beyond this the book discusses:  


• Traveling in Spirit, Sending Forth the Fetch, and how to enter different realms and realities at will.

• How to interact with otherworld beings and spirits tied to one’s locale;

• Cycles of time weaving in patterns of power that influence magical practices, including the twenty-eight Ladies of the Moon;

• Basque and Strega Moon Water, as well as the Witches Condenser from traditional sources;

• The use of sound, enchantments and Words of Power in the Art;

• Ritual possession, as “the Mare”, in Traditional Witchcraft, and much more.


Drawing from Traditional Witchcraft, Hermetics and Ancient Egyptian sources Horns of the Moon represents a blend of techniques in use today as a practical system in the Magical Arts.

Horns of the Moon - Techniques in Traditional Magical Arts

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