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This beautiful hadn carved Green Fluorite Crystal Raven/Crow Skull is the perfect addition to your Altar. Use to connect yourself to the Familiar Spirit of the Raven/Crow or other Bird.


Use in RItual or Spell work to call on the Goddess Morrighan or even Odin twin Raven's.


Green Fluorite is a Stone of Greown and Renewal, guiding you to connect with nature and aliign with the natural flow of the Universe.


Green Fluorite can aid you iun healing past trauma , clearing old emotional wounds and open the Heart to Love.


Product Details


  • Made from carved Obsidian
  • 73 gm
  • 3" Length, 1.3" Height

Green Fluorite Raven/Crow Skull

£25.00 Regular Price
£21.25Sale Price

Mid Holiday Sale

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