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Flowers are found in magic traditions around the world, from ancient Egypt, China, and India to the Norse and Native Americans. Yet many of today’s well-established flower traditions--like bridal bouquets--originated in the Druidic magical lore of Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

As fifth-generation Druid Jon G. Hughes explains, flowers hold a preeminent position in Druidic folk magic with their own special branch of magical workings. In this practical guide, Hughes details how to use flowers in magical practice, focusing on flowering plants with a long history of magical use going back to Druidic times yet many of which are commonly found throughout the world such as buttercup, blackberry, and dog rose. He discusses what type of flower and form of flower magic is best for specific enchantments and rituals in the areas of love and sex magic, healing and focusing, and protection. He looks at the magical use of fresh flowers and provides detailed instruction on every stage of the harvesting, crafting, and practical use of flower magic potions, including a comprehensive herbarium of all the flowers that may be used.

Examining the complex relationship between flowers and bees, the author looks at the physical and spiritual gifts of bees, such as honey, propolis, and bee’s wax, and the importance of bee culture in Druidic flower magic, including the tradition of the honeymoon, the significance of the hexagram, and medieval beekeeper lore. Inviting you into the gentle yet powerful realm of Druidic flower magic, the author also details how to plan, plant, and take care of your own magical flower garden with all the botanicals you will need to pursue the path of flower magic.


Product details


  • Written by Jon G. Hughes


  • 200 pages


  • Published by Destiny Books (8 Jun. 2023)

Flower Magic of the Druids

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