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Welcome to the Ever Flowing Cauldron, our Fertility and Abundance Spell Blend.


The Dagda, The Good God, Keeper of the Cauldron of Plenty, the Cauldron was said to refil what ever was placed in side, and would never be empty.


Now Dagda places in your hands his Ever Flowing Cauldron, what do you desire to place inside so that you will recieve abundant belssings?


Use thia in all your Spells and Rituals for Abundance, Blessings and Fertility, place in a pot of your stove and turn into te Simmer Pot to Bless your home and life, stir in your intentions.


Create a Herbal Charm bag to invite Abundant Blessing into your Life. Roll an anointed candle in the blend and light for the perfect fertility spell.


Combine with our Copius Coin Incense , Blessed Coin Oil and King;'s Coin Powder to create a truly Unique Spell or Ritual.


Product description


  • Made from Organic, Food Grade Herbs, Roots and Flowers..


  • 20gm weight. Amber Jar.


  • Hand made, blessed and Charmed





Never leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety.

Ever flowing Cauldron (Prosperity, Luck and Blessings)

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