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The Dagda, the Good God, offers you his Strength and Protection with this incense blend, placed in a rustic, Hessian bag.


Product description


  • Details: Made from natural, organic herbs, flowers and resins, blessed and charged.


  • 50gm


  • Protection : Burn like an incense or use as part of a spell to create protection from harm.


  • Meditation: Use as part of your daily meditation practice, aiding you in developing stronger magickal protections.


  • Spell work: Use in any kind of spell work involving magickal protections, protections from curses/hexes and bad luck/jinxes.


  • Herbal charms: Use to create your own herbal charm bags, spell bottles or "mojo" bags for all forms of protection.


  • Powder: Use a mortar and pestle to grind into a powder to create magick in a pinch for anything to do with protection.




Do not leave burning materials unattanded, always practice fire safety.

Dagda's Strength (Protection)

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