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Welcome to Cernunnos's Cornucopia, our new Prosperity and Abundance Spell Kit. 


One of the many symbols related to Cernunnos, is his Horn of Cornucupia, a Rams Horn, overflowing with Flowers, Berries and Grain.


Use this this spell to kit to call on Cernunnos and his blessings of cornucopia. the Lord of the Wildwood has much abundance to offer you, allow you life to overflow with wealth and riches.


Product Description


  • Prosperity, Money, Success and overflowing Abundance spell kit


  • Comes complete with Buffulo Horn, Cornucopia Blessing Oil, Cornucopia blend, Incense, Charcoal Disc, Green Candle, Hessian Cloth,Twine and full spell pages.


  • Take the Horn Cleanse and bless it with the Incense, then fill it with the Spell mix representing this Overflowing Cornucopia, tie the Hessien cloth over the opening, drip with wax, then rub with Cernunnos's Cornucopia Oil and read allowed his Blessing.


  • Repeat daily for 7 days, feel the Abundance that Cernunnos has to offer. You now have a permanant charm, anytime you require fresh abundance, bless the Horn with Oil and read allowed the Cernunnos's Blessing.




Do not leave burning materials unnattened, always practice fire safety.



Cernunnos's Cornucopia

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