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Cernunnos, means horned one, depicted as a half human, half Stag, and often accompanied by a Lamb, Bear, Dogs, Bulls and horned Snake. He's depicted often in a meditative pose, holding a Torque bangle and a horned snake, symbolic of Power and wisdom. He is a proto Celtic God whose images have been seen Southern Denmark to Northern Gaul, eventually making his way into Britain.


He is a God of goodness, joy, he is found at the Centre of the Wild Wood, in the many faces of Nature, he is the Green Man, the Jack in the Green. Playful, yet wise. Through my many experiences with him I have found that he has a Fatherly, if not Grandfather like energy, ever watchful and ready to advise.

Product description


  • Pagan Horned God figurine.


  • Cast in the finest resin.


  • Finished in Bronze.


  • Hand-painted details.


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