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In the story of Ceridwen and Gwion, Ceridwen brews a potion for her son who is made from utter darkness. She brews the potion for a year and day tended to by Modred the blind and a boy named Gwion.


The potion was said to bestow the secrets of wisdom, but only the first 3 drops were useful, the rest where poison! As the Cauldron boiled 3drops spat onto Gwion's hand. Fearing Ceridwen's wrath, Gwion ran off, with Ceridwen chasing, not far behind.


In the Story Gwion Shape Shifts into a Hare, a Salmon, a Hawk/Crow/Bird and finally Grain.

Each Of the Animals represents one of the 3 realms- Land, Sea and the Sky, the Grain representing the potential in all things!


Ceridwen's Cauldron was later termed the Cauldron of Awen (Inspiration) which has 3 pillars or rays- Knowledge, Power and Wisdom (often Saud to be Love, Power and Knowledge). Light the candle and let the Magick woven into the Candle open you up to deeper realms of Power, Knowledge and Wisdom!


Product description


  • Made from 100% Organic Beeswax, natural dye, 100 Drops of essential Oil, with dripped green wax and a sprinkling of Mugwort on top for aesthetics.
  • Hand made, blessed and charged.


  • Weight 140gm.


  • H6cm x W5cm.




Please do not leaving burning materials unattended, always pracitce fire safety.

Ceridwen's Cauldron

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