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Ceridwen, sometimes considered a Dark Goddess of the Welsh Pantheon, an Entress who possesss the Cauldron of Awen, or inspiration. She is Goddess of the Moon, Poetry and Transformation/Transfiguration.


In the tale of Taliesin, she had a child of Light and Child of utter Darkness. She brewed a potion for a year and a day, 3 drops accidentally spilled on her servant Gwion, whom she gave chase too. Gwion turned into 3 animals, Hare, a Crow and a Salmon. Eventually he turns into a grain of corn and eats him. With this Ceridwen becomes Pregnant and 9 moons later gives birth to Taliesin.


Product description


  • Beautifully crafted Bronze Welsh Goddess Figurine.


  • Standing over Awen, the cauldron of inspiration, Ceridwen stirs the bubbling potion carefully.


  • Cast in the finest resin


  • Expertly hand-painted


  • H17cm


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