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Blessed Coin oil can be used in rituals and spells to help attract wealth, success, and abundance. Here are some common uses of prosperity magical oil:


  • Anointing candles: You can anoint green or gold candles with prosperity oil before lighting them in a prosperity ritual or spell.

  • Anointing yourself: You can anoint your wrists, neck, or other parts of your body with prosperity oil before attending a job interview, important meeting, or any other situation where you want to attract abundance.

  • Anointing objects: You can sprinkle a few drops of prosperity oil on objects that represent abundance, such as coins, gems, or a green cloth bag filled with herbs or stones.

  • Adding to bath water: Adding a few drops of prosperity oil to your bath water can help you wash away negative energy and attract abundance.

  • Meditation: Adding a few drops to hot water, inhaling the oils scent, whilst focusing on propsperity.

  • Using in charm bags: You can add a few drops of prosperity oil to a mojo bag filled with herbs, stones, or other objects that represent abundance.



Blessed Coin Oil (Money and Prosperity)

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