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Black salt is a magickal ingredient that can be used in various spells and rituals for protection, banishing, and removing negative energy. Our Black Salt is made by combining salt with other ingredients that are chosen for their protective and banishing properties. 


You can use our Black Salt in a variety of ways, sprinkle around your home or property to create a protective barrier against negative energy, use in spells and rituals to banish negative energy, harmful spirits, or unwanted people from your life, use in spells to break hexes and curses.


Product description


  • Made from Organic Salt and Organic Food Grade Herbs, Roots abd Berries


  • 28gm weight. 43gm weight total with Amber Jar.


  • Hand made, blessed and Charmed.




Can dye fingers (washes off), becareful with fabrics and upholsery.


Black Salt (Protection and Banishing)

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