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Welcome to the Battle Crow, our Victory Charm Bag, call on Badb, an Aspect of the Morrighan, summon her Battle Crow to to aid you in being Victorious.


This multi use bag can be used to ensure Victory in conflict, or in everyday endevours. Hold the Bag in your hands, say the short invocation to the Battle Crow included with the bag, and then ask her to clear the obstacles in your way. Carry with you as you go about your day.


Product Description


  • Made from Organic Herbs, Roots and Flowers inside a natural Hessien Bag, with  added stainless steal Crow/Raven Skull Charm.


  • Made from our own recipe, loving hand cradted


  • Hand blessed and hand charmed


  • Bag size 9cm x 7cm


  • 12g weight

Battle Crow

£6.95 Regular Price
£5.91Sale Price

Mid Holiday Sale

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