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Welcome to Badb's Victory, our Success/Victory powder.


Badb is the Irish War Goddess, an aspect of the Morrighan, sometimes called Badb Catha, the Battle Crow. Badb was said to fill warriors with terror and confusion, changing the tide of Battle.


Use Babd's Victory in all your Spells, Workings or Rituals relating to Victory and Success. Add to Herbal Charm Bags for Love/money/job/promotion to enhance your chances for success. Annoint an Red Candle (For Action) and roll in Badb's Victory to aid in concluding with successful action!


Product description


  • Made from Organic Food Grade Herbs, Roots and Berries


  • 28gm weight. 43gm weight total with Amber Jar.


  • Hand made, blessed and Charmed.

Badb's Victory (Success and Victory over enemies)

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£3.83Sale Price

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