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Invoke the Magick of Brigid's Sacred Eternal Flame with our hand rolled, blessed and charmed Spell Candles, made from BeesWax


Each one draws a different potency of the Magickal world into your life, imbued with Sacred Fire


Product details


Each  candle is 10cm (H) by 1.5cm (W)


Red- Courage, Action, Love/Lust, truth

Pink- Friendship, compassion, unconditional Love

White- Purity, cleansing, peace, protection

Blue- Healing, wisdom, wishes, dreaming

Balck- Banishing, binding, boundaries

Purple- Business sucsess, spirituality, protection, psychic abilites

Green- Finance, fertility, career

Orange- Energy, sexuality, imagination

Yellow- Communication, the mind, inspiration

Silver/grey- The moon, Goddess

Gold/natural- The Sun, God

Lilac- Spirituality, consciousness




Do not leave burning materials unattended, always practice fire safety.

1 x Hand rolled Beeswax Spell Candle

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