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Unlocking Spiritual Mastery: The Power of Meditation, Reflection, Inner Child Healing, and Conscious

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to truly unlock spiritual mastery? Well, look no further, we've got the answer right here. The journey to spiritual mastery is like the process of metamorphosis; it takes time, patience, and a series of transformative steps. This article will discuss those steps: meditation, reflection, inner child healing, and expanding consciousness. Let's embark on this exciting exploration together.

The Journey to Spiritual Mastery

Why Spiritual Mastery?

Why should we even embark on this journey? The answer is simple. It allows us to establish an unshakeable inner peace, harness our potential, and live life to the fullest.

If you think of your spiritual journey like the Arts, how long does it take to master Oil or Water Colour Painting? A few years? A Decade maybe?

Developing our skills as an Artist is a lifetime journey, our spiritual journey is equally a lifetime journey. The further we go, the more practised, the more skilled we become.

We develop skills that help us with the day to day challenges, like how to set boundaries, speak up for ourselves or find peace during the storms that cross our paths..

Stepping into Meditation

The first step is meditation. Meditation is not just sitting quietly; it's a practice of mindfulness and a journey into the depths of our inner self. Just as a deep sea diver explores the mystery of the ocean, we too can uncover the mysteries within us through meditation.

You’ve properly read somewhere that meditation is “stopping thinking”, letting go of attachments” or something similar. And whilst these are meditative practices they take often the longest to master.

As we live often in a realm of “instant gratification” we can at times feel it's not working, we can’t do it or we are no good at it. In truth there are many different forms of meditation, and just because not thinking isn’t working for you, it does not mean you are not good at it.

In truth we are all master meditators!

That's a bold statement I know, think about how many times a day you get lost in a thought, a memory, or a dream of a better life! This is a form of meditation, you are visualising, perhaps this is the meditative practice for you. If that's the case then, there are many wonderful Journey and visualisation meditations out there for you!

The Benefits of Meditation

To truly understand the benefits of meditation for you, you need to be aware of your motivations for meditation. If you work in a busy work environment, that's high stress, then maybe your reasons are to reduce stress- a simple mindfulness of the breath and body would be perfect for you.

But what if you want something deeper? Perhaps your motivation is healing, perhaps you have been suffering with physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, maybe you have a long standing physical ailment. There are many healing mediations available to you, for example Chakra healing. See our blog post for more information on Chakra healing here (insert link)

If you wish to grow in Spirit, there are a great many meditations for opening up to the Spirits, growing Psychic skills, developing deeper states of Spiritual Awareness, or “Gnosis” (The Greek word to know).

The Art of Reflection

Self reflection is an art and skill in itself, if you truly wish to understand yourself, your unconscious processes, drivers and motivations then this skill is worth dedicating time to learn.

The art of Self reflection is like peering into the depths of oneself, into our Shadows, and asking what is lying beneath the surface of the self? We call this Shadow Work. The Shadow gets bad rap, some misguided folk view it as the darker half, the evil part of the self. In truth this is a lie, the Shadow more than the bad things we do, it's the repository for all the aspects of the self that we reject about ourselves. The parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of, the long forgotten dreams and joys that were crushed within us as we grew up.

The Shadow has much wisdom and healing to offer us, it is the counterpart to the light, or the Flame that lives within us, when we balance our Shadow and our Flame, incredible healing and reservoirs of personal power can open up to us.

Every time you stare into a mirror, you are engaging in a form of self reflection, however for the most part we use these to criticise ourselves; but what would occur if we looked beyond the skin, if we looked deep into our eyes, into the depth of our soul?

What would you learn? What inner conversations could you engage in with your own contradictions? What wisdom would you learn?

Making Reflection a Habit

Make reflection a daily habit. I make my first and last cup of tea of the day a practice in self and deep soul reflection. Create a couple prompt questions for yourself, start simple, ask yourself what were the best and worst parts of your day, and ask yourself why?

Maybe you could ask yourself what skills you used to make the day great, so that you build them into daily habits, ask what lessons could you learn from the not so great parts of the day.

You may be familiar with, or have practised in the past, keeping a diary. This can be a great form of reflection, we call this Journaling. Personally I journal my Dreams on waking, I Journal after Meditation and Journeying, I journal my personal readings and I journal during Shadow work exercises.

It's not necessary to do all of those, and if you are starting out this can be overwhelming. Start small, maybe start with keeping a meditation journal to help chart your practice and ask yourself deeper questions on insights gained during meditation.

Healing the Inner Child

The Inner child refers to the psychological concept that represents the childlike aspects of an individual's personality, emotions, and experiences from their early life, particularly from infancy to adolescence. It is an essential part of a person's psyche and can have a profound impact on their emotions, behaviour, and relationships.

The Inner child can encompass both positive and negative aspects of childhood experiences.

Positive aspects may include joy, innocence, playfulness, and curiosity, while negative aspects may include unresolved traumas, emotional wounds, and unmet needs from early life experiences.

The concept of the Inner child is widely used in psychology and psychotherapy, particularly in therapies that focus on healing and self-awareness. Inner child work involves exploring and healing the emotional wounds and traumas of the past, allowing individuals to address and integrate unresolved issues that may still be affecting their present lives.

The Inner Child is our true self stunted by years of Trauma, to bring true wholeness to ourselves, we need to begin the process of Healing our Inner Child.

Inner child work can be a transformative process that leads to increased self-awareness, emotional healing, and personal growth. By embracing and healing the Inner child, individuals can cultivate greater emotional resilience, healthier relationships, and a deeper sense of self-acceptance and authenticity.

The Process of Inner Child Healing

There are many practices and forms of Inner Child Healing, for the most part though they revolve around engaging in inner conversations with our Inner Child. Our Inner Child has many “unfinished” experiences, there are words of affirmation that it required to hear, but never did.

By meeting with our Inner Child, we can begin to repair these missed messages and words of affirmation. We can hold our Inner Child in a way that we have longed for, for so long.

By connecting with our Inner Child and engaging in playfulness, we can bring back long lost reserves of energy. A life without meaningful play is a life of dying. It's critical as adults that we learn to play!

You can engage in reparenting your Inner Child, we can become the guiding and nurturing force in our lives that we may never have had. An example are you prone to frivolous spending habits, ask yourself where does this come from, most likely it's a behaviour of the Inner Child.

Most likely you are filling a “void”, by actively “parenting” this part of yourself, you can develop new healthy habits, and fill this long lost void, through active, positive reinforcement.

Many of us grew up with unhealthy ideas about emotional release. Often being told we cry too much, or are overly emotional. By engaging in a “heart to Heart” talk with our Inner Child you begin to release years of pent up emotions and process old, stifled tears.

Expanding Consciousness

Expanding your consciousness refers to the process of increasing your awareness and understanding of yourself, the world around you, and the deeper aspects of existence. It involves transcending limited perspectives and beliefs, opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities, and exploring higher states of consciousness and spiritual dimensions.

Expanding consciousness is not limited to intellectual knowledge or learning new facts. It is a multidimensional and transformative journey. If the Flame I mentioned in the previous section on Inner Reflection, was related to your Spirit. Then with each breath you take, you are feeding that Flame. With each breath it expands, growing bigger and brighter.

Breath, speech, thoughts and the mind are all connected, they relate to the Element of Air and the realm of the Sky. With each breath you take you are drawing in this element of Air, and the qualities that go with it, including your thoughts.

Many of us feed our Flame with “negative”, bias and unhealthy thoughts. This affects the quality of the Inner Flame, however if as we breath we focus on our positive attributes, love, compassion, creativity, and hold that thought in the mind, we can imbue of breath with these energies, and draw them into our Inner Flame; expanding our Flame into something truly Magickal and beautiful!

Steps to Expand Consciousness

To Expand our consciousness we first understand the nature of life. To those of us within the Magickal Realms, within the Druidic, Shamanic and Pagan frameworks, all of life is connected via the Interconnected Web of Life. The Land, Sea and the Sky flow seamlessly into one another, held together by the Crann Bethadh (Celtic word for Tree of Life) and are ignited by the Sacred Flame, the Spirit of Fire!

These concepts aren’t just something out there, in the Physical World, they relate to the Spiritual Realms as well, known often in some Cultures as the Lower World (Sea), Middle World (Land), Upper World (Sky) and the Spirit (Sacred Flame). They are the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And of course they exist in the body to- Earth/Land (Body), Water/Sea (Blood), Air/Sky (Breath) and Fire/Sacred Flame (Spirit).

This is just one of a multitude of Reality maps, as you develop your own awareness, you may develop your own, or draw from the Reality Maps of a specific Tradition. Through bringing awareness to your Inner Flame and the Shadows it casts you can enter into an inner dialogue with the deepest part of yourself and gain understanding of your unique place in the world around you.

You can begin to ask deeper questions about your place in relation to the horizon of the world around you. Do you choose to look at the rising Sun, or do you choose to focus on the landscape that surrounds you?

Whilst this may seem abstract, it's symbolic, will you focus on the Flame and the expansive consciousness within you or will you continue to live the same mundane, physical life that has captivated your attention thus far?

And as the Sun sets and the Moon reaches its apex, the vastness of the cosmos is revealed, we can begin to pierce the veil into the many Starry Realms. Where the Oceans of Energy are shown, and we come to the realisation that we are just riding the currents of a Sentient and Alive Universe!


Unlocking spiritual mastery is an enriching Soul journey that entails meditation, reflection, inner child healing, and expanding our consciousness. It allows us to connect deeply with our true selves, live more authentically, and experience the full depth of life's experience.

Each of us is on a Unique Sojourn here in this place, how we experience it, and what we do whilst we are here is largely dependent on how we choose to live.

Do you choose to deepen your connections to Nature, to the many Spiritual Realms and deeper realms of consciousness?

Do you dream of creating a life of unbridled joy and reservoirs of Personal Power?

If that's a yes, are you ready to embark on your journey to spiritual mastery?

I have many courses that will further your journey to spiritual mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is spiritual mastery?

Spiritual mastery is the process of reaching a high level of spiritual awareness or enlightenment.

How can meditation help in spiritual mastery?

Meditation allows us to explore our inner self, reduce stress, enhance emotional health, and improve concentration, paving the way to spiritual mastery.

Why is healing the inner child essential?

Healing the inner child helps us acknowledge our past, understand our traumas, and break free from our emotional chains, promoting overall wellbeing and spiritual growth.

What does expanding consciousness mean?

Expanding consciousness involves increasing our awareness, questioning our beliefs, seeking wisdom, and being open-minded, leading us closer to spiritual mastery.

How to start the journey towards spiritual mastery?

You can start your journey towards spiritual mastery by practicing meditation, making reflection a daily habit, healing your inner child, and making conscious efforts to expand your consciousness.

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